Angel  Massage  Jakarta


Outcall massage service 

by experienced, skillful, 

good manners, trustworthy 

and friendly mature female 

massage therapists 

in Jakarta, Indonesia, 

and nearby area


Ready to give you 

the best massage service 

to your hotel, 

apartment and home



I recommend these 

female massage therapists 

if you need really good 

massage service

to wash away your tiredness 

after a long journey and 

stressful hectic activities. 

They are really experienced, 

professional, skillful, 

dedicated, trustworthy, 

and friendly. I guarantee 

that you will not be 

disappointed with their 

quality of massage service. 

They can do very good 

Swedish massage and 

Indonesian style massage 

to fully refresh your body, 

mind and soul.


Rate: IDR 400,000 

for 2 hours of relaxing 

full body massage

including taxi cost

USD 1 = IDR 14,000


Just contact them directly 

to make an appointment. 

The phone number is 

located under their 

pictures below.


Enjoy Jakarta, and have 

a nice moment with us! 

We are happy 

to give you the best!


Imas  (Skill: Excellent)

Whatsapp: +6281399577249



YULY  (Skill: Excellent)

Whatsapp: +6282123447661



SASHA  (Skill: Excellent)

Whatsapp: +6287889680296



SARI  (Skill: Excellent)

Whatsapp: +6287875321375




If you have any complaint 

just let me know, and please 

send your message

at whatsapp:



Johanes Lung

Therapeutic Massage 

Practitioner in Jakarta,

Indonesia, Sport Injury &

Chronic Pain Specialist

Massage service by friendly 

and beautiful massage girls

in Jakarta, Indonesia


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